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 Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of pool is right for me?

Due to it's durability and life-span, Gunite is arguably the best concrete material used for pool construction. These pools can be customized to any shape or size, and can be finished with attractive materials such as tile and stone. Gunite pools are a not only a great investment for any homeowner looking to add value to their property, but they provide beauty and tranquility just a cannonball away. 

Will my yard be relanscaped upon completion?

Because of the heavy machinery we must use to excavate the area, its very common for the grass to be torn up from the entrance to the surrounding pool area. This is a very common cost compared to the many benefits that a new pool provides to you. While we can lay grass in the areas surrounding the pool upon your request, it is not a cost included in our quote pricing. 

Do you offer financing options?

Yes! We know the kind of investment building a pool is, so we have partnered with a few of the most reputable financing companies specialized in making your backyard dreams come true:

  • Lyon Financial

  • HFS Financial

  • Light Stream Financial 

How much does a custom pool cost?

Because of the countless options and factors that go into customizing a pool, including size, materials, features, and location, the price varies. Our qualified pool contractors can provide you with a proper estimate by filling out our contact form located on our website homepage, as well as in the Contact section of the menu bar, or by any of our other contacts listed at the bottom of each webpage. 

How long does the pool construction process take?

The timeline of pool construction can vary depending on the size and complexity of the pool. The waiting period for special materials, as well as poor weather can delay completion of construction. On average, the construction process can take anywhere from several weeks to several months. Once plans are drawn, your contractor can provide you with an estimation for your specific project. 

Is there warranty on the pool installation?

Pools by Mario's pool installations come with a guaranteed warranty for your satisfaction and additional piece of mind. We provide a 30-year warranty for Fiberglass, and a lifetime warranty for Gunite - another reason why Gunite is the best material for your pool. 

Is there anything that I, as a new pool owner, needs to know upon pool construction?

It's extremely beneficial to learn background information on how to properly maintain your pool during the construction period. Basic effort in gaining knowledge to balancing the water levels, as well as keeping the pool cleaned, not only increases the longevity of your swimming pool, but ensures health safety. 

Can you help me maintain my pool after construction is completed?

Pools by Mario is in the process of offering customized services based off your needs and preferences. We will very soon be offering full services such as regular maintenance, repair, and cleaning to ensure that your pool is maintained by the best hands from construction to beyond.

Why should I choose Pools by Mario?

Our years of experience and amazing word-of-mouth reviews help us stand out above the rest. We strive to combine our talents with your dreams to achieve your new reality of pool ownership.  We also strive to provide excellent service to repair and maintain your existing pool and equipment. We're here to listen and work with you in order to build your dream backyard oasis. 

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